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Why is Cybersecurity Important? How to Wrap Your Head Around Cybersecurity in 2019

Why is cybersecurity important? We’re only a few weeks into 2019, and already security experts have discovered what may be the largest data breach of all time. This breach affects the personal data of hundreds of millions of people. That information alone underscores why cybersecurity is so important, but there’s plenty of other reasons for … Read more

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Businesses Losing $400 Billion Every Year because of Poor Cybersecurity: Why You Should Start Securing Your Online Assets Today

It’s never been more important to secure your assets online when it comes to your business. Back in the day, cyber-attacks were a strange occurrence that only featured on the news. No one thought data breaches would happen in reality.  Lloyd’s, a British Insurance company estimates that businesses lose $400 billion each year which includes … Read more